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[Pinned] Out of Town / Leave of Absence

This thread is to let the FC know when you won't be available to play due to vacation, moving, whatever else.Please post character name and the dates you will be gone. For instance, I'm going to be out of town starting Thursday, so:Bartel Hayward...
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[Pinned] FC Recruitment
General Discussion

[Pinned] FC Recruitment

Since it was brought up at the last FC meeting I thought I would start a thread for people to share ideas on how to best go about recruiting new members to the FC and for people who enjoy that sort of thing to speak up and volunteer if they so des...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Turn 5 and on (with special guest star, Turn 4)

I know people are looking in various directions with the atma farming and myth farming it brings on, and that's cool, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to break the tedium up by getting turn 5 practiced until beaten.It's a challenging fight, but mores...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Endgame Progression Guideline

The following is a guide so you will know roughly what to expect from endgame, and what's expected of you if you are interested in joining us for the more difficult content (Titan HM and on). For anything prior to this (other primals, AK, WP, etc...
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[Pinned] Post Your Crafts!

Let's make this into a database so that anyone who is looking for crafting can come here to find out who can make stuff for them. Just post 40+ crafts you have.ALC- Urzol Thrush, Friggin Joe, Dark AnimusARM- Urzol Thrush, Friggin Joe, Bartel Hayw...
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[Pinned] Post Your Schedule!

Please post what times work best for you for events.For instance, here is my schedule:Mon-Fri: 8pm-12am ESTWeekends: various times, not always the same... usually free Sunday nights.I'm also available weekdays with advanced notice from 9am-3pm for...
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[Pinned] New Ventrilo Information

Host: vent47.light-speed.comPort: 15019Password: ZAM_Kraken If you plan to be in the BC group, or even to just run events with us, it is strongly encouraged that you use our ventrilo, as we will be coordinating events through it and it will be pre...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Guidelines and Code of Conduct

This was originally posted by Bartel Hayward on the Lodestone FC page:FC Guidelines and General Code of Conduct1. No Drama- This is a game, and it's meant to be fun. When you cause drama, you prevent others from having fun. Fortunately, we're on a...
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General Discussion

Moving Void Ark day

Hey guys,I have told some of you but i have (finally!) gotten a full time job in my field. Which is great but now my night to close is on Tuesday. Is there a way that we can move it to another day or just do it again later in the week?
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General Discussion

FC Primal EX Fights (Unsynced)

Just posting these here, in case anyone wants to have a look. As always with Facebook videos, HD setting is a must...Titan EX -- Ifrit EX -- Odin EX -- Leviathan EX
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Off Topic

Books to read

As a Librarian in my RL I love books and I love talking about them. So what is the most awesome thing that you have read lately? I am a little behind the times but Brandon Sanderson's Hero of Ages which is the last in his Mistborn series. When I r...
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General Discussion

FC Airship

Alright, after having done the numbers, this is the list of materials we have need of to complete our FC's first airship. I will say right now, that this looks daunting, but I'm going to do everything I can to make as much of this as I possibly c...
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General Discussion


A discussion we had last night about family crests. Since I am unaware of my families' crests, if they have one at all, I decided to make my own a few years back.Baha
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General Discussion

Funniest video from e3 in my opinion have tried to attach it twice but here is the youtube title just in case Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveal Reaction (GameTrailers on E3 2015)
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General Discussion

Psn IDs

I don't know why I never thought of making this thread before but better late then never, right? Use this area to post your psn ID if you feel like sharing it and/or friending your fellow fc members on the psn. Mine is mcrylee
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General Discussion

3.0 patch notes
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The Real Life version of the Hellbender.

Was talking about this with X, V, and Tre while in Bray. Thought I'd show you what the real critter looks like.
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Off Topic

Fallout 4

Just announced. Should be awesome, and buggy.Fallout 4 Trailer
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General Discussion

Info on new abilities for HW

Found this on the ARR Reddit. thought you might find it informative
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General Discussion

New Benchmark Trailer

Finally been officially announce by SE the new Benchmark is coming out Sunday 3AM EDT or 12AM PDT (midnight). Here's the Video preview of it.
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