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Books to read

As a Librarian in my RL I love books and I love talking about them. So what is the most awesome thing that you have read lately? I am a little behind the times but Brandon Sanderson's Hero of Ages which is the last in his Mistborn series. When I r...
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ladywater2010395211Small Trellin Kellior 2y
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Fallout 4

Just announced. Should be awesome, and buggy.Fallout 4 Trailer
Small Trellin Kellior 2y
Trellin Kellior3353Small Trellin Kellior 2y
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Amuzement Park from Hell

Friend of mine shared this on my Facebook, thought you all would get a laugh out of it as well.
Small Kana Mephino 3y
Kana Mephino2244Small Trellin Kellior 3y
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And now for something completely different

I present to you:The Safety Dance Metal Version La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin for those who remember) Benny Hill Theme Metal Version
Small Kana Mephino 3y
Kana Mephino3177Member avatar small Andyman Seraph 3y
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Anime/Video Game OSTs

Alright, since we all have played our fair share of games, and assumedly might have watched an anime or two, what are some of your favourite soundtracks from either?For video games, I currently listen to a lot of the Shadow~Hearts OST, from like, ...
Small Trey Winters 4y
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Are there any other Fighting Game fans in the Kraken Club?

Just thought I would throw this thread together to see if any of the other members here have interest in the genre of fighting games. Over the years I have played many fighting games from most of the main series: Street Fighter, King of Fighters, ...
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Canadensis161052Small August Flynn 3y
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Post your Desktop! + What're you listening to?

It's about time one of these happened, so I'm combining these into two! Here goes;My current desktop:Currently Listening To:Randomly listened to Regina Spektor - Eet just now.And just found out about Attack! Attack! UK's 2013 album so I'm listenin...
Small August Flynn 3y
August Flynn0101Small August Flynn 3y
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Other game network ID's

(yo August, Mario Kart 8)NNID: frigginjoeSteam: frigginjoePSN: ^Most of my free time where I can actually play games is spent logged into FFXIV but I'll be popping in on Mario Kart and other random stuff as I can.
Member avatar small Friggin Joe 3y
Friggin Joe161244Small August Flynn 3y
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Skype/Other Chat Programs

Okay, so I don't know why we've been going for this long and never talk to each other outside of the game! So I'm gonna get this started, go ahead and add me on Skype. It's all I / koopatr00perI go by Koops. :)
Small August Flynn 3y
August Flynn1136Small August Flynn 3y
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E3 Trailers

Just thought I would post this if no one has seen any. These were some of my favorites. I only have a PS3/PS4 so it's skewed that way.Arylin should like this one. Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls:
Small Trellin Kellior 3y
Trellin Kellior3221Small August Flynn 3y
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Mario Kart 8

Since I know Joe and August at least play this, I figured I'd start a topic for those who do play it (or wish to talk about it) to discuss it.Also, I mentioned last night to Joe that a guy I watch on YouTube got royally screwed over a few times......
Small Trey Winters 3y
Trey Winters4375Small August Flynn 3y
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Bit of silliness involving Skyrim

Stumbled across this while browsing youtube, had me cracking up.
Small Kana Mephino 3y
Kana Mephino2207Small Trellin Kellior 3y
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Sharing some Music

I often just randomly surf through Youtube finding music I like. I listen to just about anything most of the time but I tend to favor techno and Rock more than anything. Here's a couple recent ones I've been listening to while doing Primals and B...
Small Kana Mephino 4y
Kana Mephino2188Small Kana Mephino 4y
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The Last of Us

Just curious to see if anyone played this game. There is a new dlc coming out Friday for it that I am anxious to play.
Small Trellin Kellior 4y
Trellin Kellior3213Small Charlie Towser 4y
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The XIII Series

Thought this was a pretty funny recap, who's going to be playing lightning returns?Link:
Small Gong Jr 4y
Gong Jr4282Small Trellin Kellior 4y
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Dark Souls 2

Just this little gem... am so excited for this game it isn't even funny.
Small princessary 4y
princessary12834Small Gong Jr 4y
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Tales of.... Fans

Any other Tales fans out there?I just completed my first run at Tales of Xillia, and am pumped for Xillia 2!Also interested if anyone recommends Tales of Innocence, or any other PS3 Tales gems.
Small Tristram Felinius 4y
Tristram Felinius161111Small August Flynn 4y
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Funny meme

Saw this and laughed.
Small Trellin Kellior 4y
Trellin Kellior4297Small Trey Winters 4y
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New Year's Resolutions

So FC any New Year's Resolutions? I am going to try and read 104 books this year with 36 of them coming from my To Be Read Pile or TBR. I have signed up for that reading challenge on Goodreads. Other than that I don't know. What about you guys? An...
Small ladywater2010 4y
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pet system while ago, found a near dead chick infant on the side of my house, raised her. I taught her to be a wild bird again which probably sounds funny if you're British
Member avatar small Friggin Joe 4y
Friggin Joe1130Member avatar small Friggin Joe 4y