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Originally posted on the ZAM class forums by me:

Thought I would put this in here to discuss tanking rotations that are useful to you. Here is mine at lvl 30...
I recommend trying to only use Flash no more than 3 times per battle... Try this rotation Shield Lob > Flash > Fast Blade (FB) > Savage Blade (SB) > FLash > FB > SB > Rage of Halone (RH) > FB > SB > RH > ect... You should only have to use flash one more time, if you use it again at all bcause at this point you should have enough hate from everything (as long as the DPS aren't trying to directly attack targets that you are not focusing on) and if anything pops off you onto the healer all you should have to do is cast Provoke then do your FB > SB > RH combo once before goinback to your original target. I also recomend once you and the DPS burn the target down to around 5% health, jumping to another target to build hate on it while the DPS finish burning down the first target. There are exceptions to this rotation (such as using your cooldowns for bosses and such) but this one works wonders for me.
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