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#8677241 Nov 07, 2013 at 01:20 AM
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Okay, for the paladins, and anyone that might know the nuances of gear, what should I start upgrading armor wise? I know about the weapon upgrades with paladin, but the armor seems a little strange to me. When i check for darklight, all the def is lower than what i currently have (AF, and lvl 48 accessories hq). Just curious if the boost stats help overcome the small hit in defense, or should I be looking for dungeon gear. Any explanation, site linking would be helpful. :)

Thank you, and please pardon my bad grammar,

#8678626 Nov 07, 2013 at 10:01 AM
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The reason it's lower is because some of them are actually 2 pieces, such as head/body and legs/feet. When combined the defense is considerably more than the individual AF pieces.

Also, for about 20k in mats and 9 coke (crafting mat that costs 125 tomes a pop), I can make you HQ 2-star heavy darksteel pieces, which have basically the same stats as DL gear, but 4 materia slots to allow you to have even better stats. Keep in mind, materia is rather expensive, I spent about 100k putting 4 t3 materia in mine, but it is now basically DL+1 for 2 slots, and also cost 125 tomes less than the DL piece (9 coke at 125 tomes per vs. 1260 for DL).
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