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Well included is a chart that I found on what drops from what turn in bc.
The object is collect myth to buy relic +1 to boost dps and needed stats. If u have a relic *1 anyone can confirm the dmg/heal potency increase is substantial. After that is seems up in the air. But he's a bit of info for those wanting to participate in bc runs.

With a good reason. Start with the af2 pieces, wich are almost identically comparable to bc allagan. Purchase is not a gambit. I but for looks but because the cap is only 300/week atm start with what's gonna take u longer to get. Not something u will buy now and replace after ur first bc. What a waste of weeks of tome farming. Use this chart and buy the slots that drop from turn 4&5 first. Then fill in the rest unless say a hero ring is a HUGE upgrade for u. After turn 4 or 5 gear go for maxing what u need. Crit, acc, spell speed, etc.
The af2 stats are the same , give or take from af2. But requires I to 1:) out lot someone else and 2:) survive each turn to progress. So items from turn 4. Or 5 might take u a while. Here's a chart to compare what drops wher to help u decide better and clear some confusion .

And for all jobs if I think in kidding take a look at individual pieces and choose FOR YOURSELF what will net u a smoother play with more dmg, faster spells, pure survivability. Etc.

Not to be leet but ur goal in endgame gear is to boost ur lowest gear slots with something that will bring u up to every other endgames norm.
Seeing as yet this is the highest gear u can get choose wisely with a 300/week max and also consider when, in homesty, ur gonna be running BC a lot for drops.

And most importantly. To make it TO turns 4 and 5 u have to have a semi static of GOOD players who could beat Titan HM with there eyes closed. So make a decision based on time, time expected to achieve top tiers, and ur current lvl of competency at ur chosen class.

For those of u who are one past 1a like myself as always. I am recruiting player by player for bc runs with no set date till the tanks are filled and the dates and time
Works for those. Seeing as we have a lack of late night things. And don't get upset if u ask to join and ppl tell u ur not of calibre yet. Take that as a sign u need to pump on more gear and practice dodging and situation awareness. I want an 8 man team that can make it to the top. Not wipe every boss pull. It's not leet just fair for those who can:( love u guys! And may Elohim guide u in the right path, if interested in late night bc coming after patch 2.1 and subsequent crystal tower raids, pm me in game and I'll see about getting the wheels turning

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