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Alright, after having done the numbers, this is the list of materials we have need of to complete our FC's first airship. I will say right now, that this looks daunting, but I'm going to do everything I can to make as much of this as I possibly can.

I've deducted mats already present in the FC chest, so these are the mats still required to make the entire four pieces of the airship (numbers take into account that ALL items are HQ):

Mythril Rivets: 58
Steel Joint Plate: 53
Cobalt Joint Plate: 39
Cobalt Ingot: 28
Linen Canvas: 23
Darksteel Nugget: 21
Varnish: 18
Darksteel Plate: 8
Darksteel Ingot: 3

*Edit*: List updated...
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