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Disciples of War

Help Me Gladiator/Paladin!

Now that I'm on vacation, I am going to give tanking a try. However, I have absolutely no earthly idea how to tank in this game, and I'm already starting on the wrong foot by using my original "creation" (a Paladin-to-be), who currently has all o...
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Disciples of War

Level 50, and not sure what to gear

Okay, for the paladins, and anyone that might know the nuances of gear, what should I start upgrading armor wise? I know about the weapon upgrades with paladin, but the armor seems a little strange to me. When i check for darklight, all the def is...
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Disciples of War

Bard play question

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Disciples of War

GLA Tanking Rotations

Originally posted on the ZAM class forums by me:Thought I would put this in here to discuss tanking rotations that are useful to you. Here is mine at lvl 30... I recommend trying to only use Flash no more than 3 times per battle... Try this rotati...
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