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Looking for Group

no coil group next week

lenny is not going to be able to make it next week and trellin will be away from game 9/21-9/26. as last night was post to be event and 5/8 showed 4/8 on time,been noticing more and more kinda not showing up. I would like input from any members th...
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Andyman Seraph4477Small Imp 3y
Looking for Group

attempt #2 lol for a 2nd coil group

i kknow there thread kinda covering this but wanted to just start this im in group 1 im mostly tied up w/coily type stuff that is restrcited to say the 2nd coil-once u clear your locked out-but anywho.pretty dont think it would work out do to...
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Andyman Seraph3247Member avatar small Andyman Seraph 3y
Looking for Group

2nd Coil group,Thurs 7:30-8pm est

talked some w/tess this morning and am looking to start a 2nd coil group for far have myself,tess,nash,xando, @5 w/interest.looking for 3 more ppls that are looking to work on t5 be at least i82 to enter and think u can be there on r...
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Andyman Seraph9476Member avatar small Andyman Seraph 3y
Looking for Group

Coil group mondays @8pm est

going to start running coil on mondays,lookn to get ppls that still need t4 clear in it so we can start learning progressing in far have 6 ppls that showed interest.myself,v,imperi,lenny,lunar,trellin.more ppls are needed and on the rare cha...
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Looking for Group

Pharos Spire

So I need to finish Pharos so that I can unlock more roulettes. So who wants to help me? I'll be healing for what that is worth and I promise I will try really hard not to derp.
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ladywater20102175Member avatar small Friggin Joe 4y
Looking for Group

The Binding Coil of Bahamut + EX Primals

Hello good people,Unfortunately for me, I am an old man and generally my evenings are spent watching Wheel of Fortune, followed by Jeopardy, followed by being in bed by 9PM EST most nights. This is unfortunate because it excludes me from the major...
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Looking for Group

So sick of FATEs

So. I propose we set up a thread to get parties together for mob grinds. Optimally I would like to get 4-8 people together within 1-2 levels of each other to grind camps near a heavy fate. The idea is to forget about running half way across the ma...
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Jy Iscariot 9695Small Charlie Towser 4y
Looking for Group

LF ceorthas questing group

If anyone would like a stroll through Ceorthas, no mounts no teleports. I'll be availible today until 40 pm est and meybe later tonight.
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Fighter Fury3231Member avatar small Urzol Thrush 4y
Looking for Group

Crystal tower..

I will be running it a few times tonight if anyone want to join me...Does not look like anything is scheduled tonight except treasure hunt... hopefully I can run it twice before TH...
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Looking for Group

Tian HM for relic progression

Hi guys, I have done this fight multiple times, and have studied it to find out exactly what I need to do so I can survive long enough to beat this guy, but I've still had no luck yet. Can we please schedule a time this week for a run? Thanks!
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Meat_Mithkabob9705Small Baha Sunfire 4y
Looking for Group

Castrum Meridian

Hello everyone.I'm looking to put a group together to clear CM this weekend. Before I ask an officer to put it on the calendar I thought I'd put the feelers out here. So, if you're interested, please reply with your availability.My weekend is pr...
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Urzol Thrush3270Member avatar small Urzol Thrush 4y
Looking for Group

Annoucing Project Get Urzol Through AV (GUT AV)

Hey guys, I have seen Urzol make multiple attempts at AV and always they end up running out of time due to getting stuck on one boss or another. In fact the last run of it last night with him, I was tanking and we had the last boss down to just a...
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Looking for Group

WAR in need of patient people

Hi there.I weekend grinded a warrior to 50.That's the skill level you can expect.I'm looking to give a few AK runs a shot to learn some basics and hopefully gear up a bit. The idea is to provide another option for tank on story event nights if th...
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Friggin Joe191203Member avatar small Sir Nashred 4y
Looking for Group

Chimera Thursday evening

Ziggy and I are both in need of chimera,would like to set up a time fo thursday @8pm est time,any fc help would be appreciated.Ziggy is War and i'm doing on will need to fill other slots that those :)
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Looking for Group

Dungeon Statics and Chocobo Party Statics

Hey Gang,So, with the new patch coming eta December 17th, I had a few ideas. A. With dungeon xp increase coming fates will not be the main facet for levelling alternate jobs. I suggest we setup FC events/days that are dedicated to static FC dun...
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Ronin Olorin6423Small Dark Animus 4y
Looking for Group

dysfunction Ls.

Hi. I'm in the process of gathering names for interest to see if this will work or not. FC events are awesome and I'm so proud of those that participate. Unfortunately there is about a third of the FC in odd times zones or night owls like myself. ...
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Dark Animus7520Small Dark Animus 4y
Looking for Group

Bahamut's Coil

Time to get serious everyone, the last group that was formed in the FC the leader dropped the FC and went to another one. I will not run with people who do just that.I will be creating a linkshell for this shortly but looking for members who want...
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Nghthawk Evenfall302507Member avatar small Mystery 4y
Looking for Group

Titan HM trial and errors.

Looking to help bluster through some HM Titan for all those ppl on it on the late night crew. Thinking bout tonight maybe if enough ppl get on. I can't promise a win like I can everything else bit what better way to practice and get to know the fi...
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Dark Animus3238Small August Flynn 4y
Looking for Group

THE unmentionable

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about... Aurum Vale... the most.... well, let's just leave it at that. Anyway, I have this weekend off (Nov 9/10), and I would like to invite any and all, that need to complete it, or just to wade in its filth, the ...
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Baha Sunfire5360Small Dark Animus 4y
Looking for Group

Dzemael Darkhold and Castrum Meridianum

Vione and I need to get this done for the Grand Company quest. I can either run as tank or dps. Vione is healer. Just need 2 more. Have limited times basically from 8pm est or so to 9:30pm est on every night except monday and tueday then more ...
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