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Beginners Corner

New to the group

I hope I have found my home at the KC. I'll be on today if there are any Linkshells let me know
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Beginners Corner


I just joined about a week ago, my characters name is Leon Blackhart. I just wanted to thank Friggin Joe.for helping me get in and Charlie Towser for giving me an invite and teaching me everything I know so far! Thanks guys.
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Beginners Corner

SCh Training/tutoring.

For anyone who plays SCH or whom has it unlocked via SMN or i am doing hands on tutoring in game this next week. i will take ppl out to beast areas with someone who wants to come tank a few things for demonstration and heal targets. I am eventuall...
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Beginners Corner

Ding, 50. Phase 2 of beginnerdom. What to do.

I found myself a bit uncertain as to what path to take when I hit 50, so I'll share my thoughts from the help I've gotten by the FC and my own experience. For new or near level 50ers or beginners with a tendency to level up to endgame quickly.You...
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Beginners Corner

About subbing

So I know this isn't entirely an in-game question, but if I do the 180 sub thing do I still get charged an additional fee if I have another character on the same server? I really don't care about having another character as I won't be playing anyt...
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