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Af2 first ? Or Allahan? Wth to do with ur myth.

Well included is a chart that I found on what drops from what turn in bc. The object is collect myth to buy relic +1 to boost dps and needed stats. If u have a relic *1 anyone can confirm the dmg/heal potency increase is substantial. After that is...
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Dark Animus2478Small Jeskradha Duskmantle 4y
Jeskradha Duskmantle2216Member avatar small Sir Nashred 4y
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ILVL 70 Materia Cap Spreadsheet

Here's a hand-dandy material cap spreadsheet for all things meldable at end-game. Vanya included.
Small Dante Inferus 4y
Dante Inferus1194Small Dante Inferus 4y
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Unspoiled Node Locations

Hey All,Ary asked me to post this link on the forums, so here ya go! It's a link to both DoL classes unspoiled nodes, where they appear, and what time (Eorzean Time).
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Dante Inferus1130Small Dante Inferus 4y
Jeskradha Duskmantle4355Member avatar small Brax Morgir 4y
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How DoT's/HoT's work in FFXIV

...and how they differ from every other MMO. This is a good video, It's worth a look for anyone trying to better understand the mechanics of this game.
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Came across this. Has some helpful info!
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Hunting Log Guide

Was posted on the Zam forums, might as well post it here
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Jeskradha Duskmantle2208Small Kutless McGee 4y
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A Relic Reborn Quest

So just to keep things simple I will repost the Relic Reborn Quest info from the official forums. Now I don't know if everything in here is 100% since the only one I can test is WHM and even then I am only on step 7. A Relic Reborn WalkthroughNOTE...
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Crazy0taku1471Small Crazy0taku 4y
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