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Super Mario 3D World/A Link Between Worlds

So on Nov. 22 two awesome games came out. Did anyone else grab these or am I really the only Nintendo fanboy here?
Small August Flynn 8y
August Flynn61060Member avatar small Friggin Joe 8y
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Player Portraits!

I cant believe noone started this post yet! Leave it to the gays to run glamour shots.... This is a photo of me recently that i use alot for FB. Post ur pics and let us know who we are playing with. im a ppl person and love relationships with othe...
Small Dark Animus 8y
Dark Animus4990Small August Flynn 8y
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Diablo 3 PS3

Anyone else playing this, Charlie Towser picked it up and we played at his house last night. You can actually play 4 players on the same tv and surprisingly the screen doesn't get to congested. Probably the most fun I've had playing a counsel ga...
Small Jeskradha Duskmantle 8y
Jeskradha Duskmantle81308Member avatar small Lydaal Chelewae 8y
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Remembering that everyone is a noob at 1st and just wants to play.

The link goes to a story about WoW from back in Feb. Hell, some of you WoW players might even know this story. It's the 1st I've heard of it.Also thought it was timely given the "exodus" our FC has had over the last few weeks. I'm glad our FC is m...
Small J'liren Kainwrek 8y
J'liren Kainwrek81299Small Jeskradha Duskmantle 8y
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Post your Desktop

Here's my current desktop right now, let's see yours.
Small August Flynn 8y
August Flynn71065Small princessary 8y
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Pokemon X/Y

Okay, so these games just came out this month. I've played like all of the other generations, but I just picked X up and I'm loving it. Anyone else grab a copy? I can't be the only one. :)
Small August Flynn 8y
August Flynn2443Small Callinon Soulforge 8y