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princessary / Jul 09, 2014
I have cleared the outdated event calander and would like to add updated events that people would like to do. I know use of the site has slacked off in the last few months and that is one reason the event calander has been left to rot but I would like to get more people using the site again. In light of this, I plan on updating the event calander and would like ideas about nights and times that people would like events on.


dam ary,think u read my mind.kinda sucked seeing all those event times that nvr got done.was thinking since we're more on casual side w/some that more into raiding,the having an event for every night would burn ppls out much better seeing the board clean looking hehe.
well I for one, play almost as often as I get a chance to.. but as far as dedicated times go Mondays and Tuesdays are the nights Im available for the bigger things. slightly more favored on Tuesdays. I know there are a few other active players that have the same work schedule as myself. thanks for your hard work Ary, /happy /thumbsup
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