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The Lodestone (The official game page where you can find the latest updates and news abouth the game)

Official Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Forums (exactly what it sounds like... beware though, there are numorous trolls in these lands)

ZAM (formally Alakazam, great forum with really helpful people)

XIVPads (A useful and helpful community for FFXIV)

XIVDB (Database for FFXIV covering Items Materia, Quests, FATEs, ect...)

Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Comprehensive Cartography by nakomaru (Very useful maps of the FFXIV world)

FFXIV:ARR Server Status (Great server status site)

FFXIV: ARR Character Signature Generator (For generating forum signatures displaying you character information)

And many thanks to J'liren Kainwrek for the following links...
Square-Enix Account Management page ("How can I check my Squ-Enix account?"):

Square-Enix Mog Station page ("How can I change servers when that service starts?"):

Clothing Dye Colors Image Gallery ("What does Gloom Purple *really* look like on my robe?"):

FFXIV Cross Skills Access ("Can ACN use MRD's Bloodbath?"):

FATE Location guide ("What zone has the Level 20-25 FATEs near Limsa?"):

Levemete Location guide ("Where is that damn Ul'dah Level 20 Levemete giver?"):

Complete Macro list ("How do you blacklist from the text line?"):

Eorzea Map with travel routes (Can I take a chocobo porter from Silver Bazaar to Vesper Bay?"):

Final Fantasy Wiki; Wiki of all things FF, not just XIV ("Was 'Ultros' really a kraken?"):