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(Aug 06, 2018)
(Apr 09, 2017)
(Jul 31, 2016)
Interwebz are back up and running so we should be back this week i think.
(Jul 12, 2016)
B and I are out of internet due to moving to a bigger place. We will be back as soon as we can though
(Jun 24, 2016)
Wow, someone used the site!
(Jun 22, 2016)
(/wave) Finally made it to the board! Have a great day!
(Sep 06, 2015)
(Sep 03, 2015)
Got the old YLOD on my PS3 last Friday. Not sure when I'll be back online. :(
(Jun 19, 2015)
You aren't the only one.
(Jun 19, 2015)
Stuck at work today and tomorrow. :(
(Apr 24, 2015)
I'll be on as usual in the evening.
(Apr 24, 2015)
I have all day tomorrow 4/25. With except of dogpark time. So, if anyone wants in, make a time available. Let everyone know. :)
(Apr 24, 2015)
No worries Trellin, Blissful gave a valiant effort last night with me, but we were unsuccessful.
(Apr 20, 2015)
I didn't see that Baha. Did you get it done?
(Apr 18, 2015)
4/18/15 gonna need help with chrysalis tonight. in-between work. avail: 8-8:45pm(cst). or after 11:40pm(cst). let me know
(Apr 13, 2015)
BTW, the new Daredevil series on Netflix kicks ass.
(Apr 02, 2015)
lol Trellin
(Apr 01, 2015)
This was my reaction to the final cutscenes:
(Feb 19, 2015)
Maybe we can get enough people tonight to try a few shots at turn 5.
(Feb 18, 2015)
Have to agree, we don't mention it much in day to day chat